Wundher is a membership community designed to reconnect women and mothers to a thriving life of joy by design. This fempowerment platform reignites this tribe through powerful content, curated events, notable causes, cool collaborations, and a connected community.

Your Joy is Just a Click Away !


The Muse 

$15/month or $150 Annually

Member Afar (Digital)


You will have access to our digital content all year long - so that you never miss an event or article, The Connectorship matching with a confidante to walk alongside you wherever you are in your journey, and fun swag!

The Maven 

$36/month or $360 Annually

The Maven Peer Membership


We help women and mothers focus on their impact, seize their dreams in life, reconnect them to their joy, and provide them with a powerhouse circle of women to ensure they thrive! 

Members will receive digital content, The Connectorship mentor match, Wundher swag, Early Bird Ticket Sales and Discounted Ticket Pricing for all Wundher Events, and exclusive activations and dinner parties. 

The Maverick 

$60/month or $600 Annually

Hostesses The Mavericks Chair Membership


For the woman who wants all the full membership perks,  and also sees value in co-creating the slate of events, activations, and experiences Wundher will offer in 2021!

At this level, you will receive the full membership benefits listed under The Maven level, but also serve as co-chair for one of Wundher's signature events. In this capacity, you will have the opportunity to lend your creativity and bring other amazing women into the network!

The Matriarch

$120/month or $1200 Annually

Advisors // The Matriarch Advisory Council Member


Much like the role a matriarch plays in a family, this funder will do the same for Wundher. As we continue to grow we welcome women, and men, at the helm to share their wisdom and insights. 

We invite collaborators, women-owned businesses, female leaders, men who believe in seeing women thrive, and others who want to be on the right side of designing a new way for women to flourish. 


At this level, you will receive all the benefits of The Maven membership level, receive a dedicated Wundher Wednesday social and blog post, and be invited to join us quarterly for updates and advice. Help take Wundher to the next level!