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Around the world, women are working together to challenge the status quo, break down barriers and advance the lives of women and girls in their communities. Wundher sees it as our duty to strive for a place where the next generation of women have choice, resources, voice and community and enjoy the same rights as men. In this season of the WOMAN, it is now more important than ever to uplift each other and model the way for the girls coming behind and beside us. We give presence to so many things that don’t truly matter, so show up for your community and the future of women and girls EVERYWHERE!

"We are redefining our success to ensure that ALL women and girls THRIVE!"


Memphis Area Women’s Council

The Memphis Area Women’s Council (MAWC) advocates for women on the toughest issues, when women are ill-equipped or sometimes too traumatized to advocate for themselves — especially when it comes to safety at home, in the workplace, and on campuses. MAWC connects research with activists who raise a collective voice to make a change in local policies and practices that limit the success of women and girls.


Women’s Foundation for a Greater Memphis

WFGM is an organization of women helping women break the cycle of poverty through philanthropy, leadership, and collaboration. For nearly 25 years, The Women’s Foundation for a Greater Memphis (WFGM) has played a major role as a backbone organization aligning people, resources, and coordinating community-based services through the two-generation approach to reducing poverty.

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Hagar Center

The problems facing homeless pregnant and parenting teen mothers and their babies in Shelby County are not well documented.  Teen mothers tend to be very poor, and most are single parents; these stresses are often compounded by homelessness, lack of education, physical or sexual abuse and health issues.

Homelessness increases their risk of negative outcomes. Teenage mothers with fragile living situations may have to leave their homes when they become pregnant.  Pregnancy may be the final straw in an already unstable living situation, or their homes may be unsuitable environments in which to raise their babies due to issues of overcrowding, unsafe living conditions, domestic violence, drugs or other extenuating circumstances.

There are no housing options in Shelby County for pregnant and parenting teenage mothers and their babies under the age of 18 who cannot live with a parent or responsible adult.  Homeless shelters and battered women shelters in Tennessee do not accept minor teen mothers and their babies.  Few teenage mothers have the financial and personal resources to live independently, particularly while caring for a young child, and teen mothers facing housing instability are likely to be among the most disadvantaged.

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