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Wundher is a digital media, experiential production, 
and membership community designed to reconnect 
women and mothers to their joy. This fempowerment 
platform reignites this tribe through powerful content, 
curated events, notable causes, corporate partnerships, and a connected community.

Our Mission

We exist to reconnect women and mothers to their joy by offering connections and resources they need to redefine success and fuel a thriving life.

Our Purpose

To create a world where women and mothers, of all ages, race and ethnicities, leverage our collective power to not only seize the life we desire, but ensure those opportunities for every woman and child.

Our Work

Wundher is a powerhouse community of multiethnic and multigenerational women and mothers who believe it is high time to define success on our own terms. We use education, excitement and entertainment to practice joy through the compelling content and experiences we curate. We undeniably believe that living a life of joy by design is the new competitive advantage for not only women and mothers, but also the households, organizations, companies and ventures they lead and create. Joy is our superpower and we plan to cultivate it! 


Our Values



We are built on a sense of belonging - implementing this in every facet of our company - with a high value on diversity. 



We know that the real hustle is the balance between grinding and consistent rest to recharge.



We may be bent and bruised, but definitely not broken. We adapt in the face of adversity, challenge and stress.



We are serious about our work, but we definitely don’t take ourselves too seriously.



We foster genuine relationships that will invest time, energy, and attention into nourishing and strengthening you.



We believe that in order to grow we have to grow comfortable with change and be willing to shed some of our inhibitions to reveal our truest self. We are all on this journey together and through empathy, we will get closer to our overall well being.

Our Team

Wundher was founded by Lori Spicer Robertson and championed by Erika Madlock Conley, two master connectors who have spent their careers in communications, event planning, learning and development, community engagement, branding, and diversity and inclusion.


With a lifetime of friendship and launching a number of ventures together, these two visionaries are now on a pursuit to make sure all women and mothers are defining what success means to them through a life of joy. 

The Wundher team cannot run off of two moms alone. The team also includes dynamic content creators, data enthusiasts, experiential producers, and community connectors and collaborators to help every woman and mother narrate their own resilience and escape the chaos of life.

Lori Spicer Robertson copy.jpg


Lori, the perpetual change agent has built a career around transforming lives in the healthcare, financial, and nonprofit/foundation arenas. Today she is a bi-professional leading diversity, equity and inclusion in the world of fashion and retail, and leading a digital media community to ensure women and mothers lead a life of joy. This multipotentialite is wife to her fellow community crusader and mommy to two phenomenal little boys.

Erika Madlock Conley copy.jpg


Erika, the forever strategist has worked tirelessly to help entities hone in on their story and their people in the nonprofit, education and now, a diversity and inclusion leader shaping the culture in the field of logistics. As chief community officer, Erika will ensure the establishment of genuine connections of incredible women and mothers within the Wundher community. This cool under pressure CCO is a fierce mother of two boys and their baby princess sister, and wife to her teenage love and pastor.

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