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  • 2024 Mother of Wundher Awards Bruncheon
    2024 Mother of Wundher Awards Bruncheon
    Sun, Apr 21
    The Kent (downtown Memphis)
    Apr 21, 2024, 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM CDT
    The Kent (downtown Memphis), 61 Keel Ave, Memphis, TN 38107, USA
    Celebrate motherhood at Mother of Wundher! Enjoy a dynamic garden brunch with captivating moments, treats, and special recognitions for all mothers. Your participation supports a nonprofit uplifting mothers and children. Step into the 'secret garden of wundher' for a brief escape honoring the timel

Mother of Wundher Awards

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Wundher doesn’t believe all your friends need to be made via social media, so we tailor events for you to make in-the-flesh connections, a.k.a. REAL friends.


As your experiential producer, we curate select activations dinner parties, panels, workshops, summits, galas, and more - to educate, excite and empower you to thrive. These unique experiences give you the chance to check-out of the chaos of life, and check into your JOY!" 

Women, especially working mothers, maneuver through a number of inequitable circumstances and make the difficult choice of sacrifice each day they enter the workplace. Companies can no longer ignore these realities, and Wundher invites you to partner with us to design better outcomes for us all.


In so many words, companies have to value work-life alignment and promotion as quintessential if they plan to be seen as employers of choice by women and moms of today. Wundher connects women and mothers with brands who know the value of seeing women thrive. Our online platform becomes your portal to highlight career opportunities and your company for the working woman. 

Let’s leverage joy as our competitive advantage to ensure all women
and mothers thrive. 

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